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  Learning Objectives

You know how to define and use a class consisting of a constructor, instance variables, and methods in Python.


You know what a class hierarchy is and how to define and use derived classes.


You can explain what a polymorphism is in simple words.


You know the basic design of the game library JGameGrid and you can program a simple computer game using it.





"Today, digital media are not imaginable without computer games. Due to the games' high importance for adolescents, many educators are motivated to investigate the didactic potential of the medium. Game-Based Learning (GBL) is the subject of many scientific studies and is part of todays curriculum. In computer science courses, games can be approached from the perspective of the producers. As highly dynamic programs, they encourage beginners to think in procedures and with their moving graphics objects (sprites), they are exceptionally well suited for the introduction into object-oriented programming."

Jarka Arnold, Aegidius Plüss
in "Games as an Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming"